Pajaro Compass Network

The Compass Network provides a foundation for cooperation among organizations and individuals by establishing an environment of mutual trust. Members are invited to voluntarily share information through meetings and surveys, with the hope that this will lead to opportunities to catalyze future projects. Collaborations may be based on geographic scope, common strategies, or in response to emerging opportunities or challenges.

While respecting the importance of privacy and proprietary information, in order for stakeholders to build understanding about other organizations and individuals working within the Pajaro River watershed, those interested in joining the Compass Network are encouraged to participate in a survey to identify their organization’s strengths, challenges, and focuses and receive a Network Match Sheet which reveals opportunities for partnerships within the Compass Network. If you have questions about this process or the Compass Network please contact:

If you wish to participate in the Compass Network, complete the Compass Network Survey.

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See the results of the 2016 Compass Network Survey.

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