How to Use the Pajaro Compass

The Pajaro Compass is an entry point for you to learn, connect, and engage in efforts to maintain a healthy and productive Pajaro River watershed. The Pajaro Compass (document and appendices) and online tools (Pajaro Compass Webmap and Pajaro Compass Interactive Planner) are resources for understanding current conservation needs and opportunities in the Pajaro River watershed.

How might you use these resources? Here are some ideas:

Landowner / Manager

If you are a landowner or manager interested in voluntary conservation actions, you can explore the conservation values present in your area of the Pajaro River watershed, learn about actions that you can take to support those values, and discover some of the agencies, organizations, and technical resources available to assist you.

Farmer / Rancher

If you are a farmer or a rancher, you can learn about voluntary activities and strategies that you can engage in to help achieve your natural resource objectives on your farm or ranch.

Conservation Planner / scientist / practitioner

If you are a conservation planner, scientist, or practitioner, you can find information to provide context for potential projects within the Pajaro River watershed, as well as a network of agencies and organizations with whom you might want to collaborate.

Infrastructure Improvements

If you represent an entity working on infrastructure improvements, you can gain context about the natural resources in the area, and learn about strategies for avoiding impacts to those resources.


If you are a funder you can learn about natural resource values in the Pajaro River watershed, as well as the organizations and agencies doing projects in the watershed that match your funding criteria.

Seeking Funding

If you are seeking funding for a project, or need help developing a project for successful implementation, you can find information about funding agencies and Compass Network member organizations that can assist you.